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We are all here to witness the investiture of grace personify virtue to a Man whose paths were ordered by the invincible hands of God. To remind all of us gathered here that the future of Nigerian is no longer bleak, the generation of future credible leaders gets bigger in the country and indeed pregnant with good Omen, smells Sweet leadership which is bringing results to own a better Nigeria as against the backdrop of many corrupt leaders we had,subjecting the country into a stage of mockery and level of retrogressive cycle of Economy degradation growth.

The reasoning is simply because a leader is born in the land of beauty (Adamawa), in him is the gifts and acts of leadership to serve people every time any time any moment.

In 1957, 8th June precisely smiles and shout of joy filled the heart of every Family of Tsamdu in Pallam, where a child is born to conquer the enemies of progress not only in Pallam, but in the entire Madagali Government Area with a positive unprecedented political speed to change the entire Adamawa state and to help rewrite the history of Nigeria for generations yet unborn.

The Journey of this great Man of our time began in Pallam primary school from 1965 to 1972, in 1972 to 1977 Emma obtained a Teacher Grade 2 Certificate with colourful results and started the noble profession of Teaching career with Pallam Primary school and rose to the headmastership of Dzuel Primary School.

The Zest of Education pursuits of Tsamdu took him to Federal University of Technology in Yola and Mississipi consortium for international Development 2000 and 2001 respectively.


The Political journey of Hon Emmanuel Tsamdu became glaring in 1992 with people ideology mandate,focusing on people oriented policy when he was a supervisory councillor for works in Madagali LGA and sole administration of Madagali LGA under the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP). It is in this ladders Tsamdu presumed to have a dynamic Political life style who has emerged in the changing times of Adamawa state, whose political vibrancy and keen love of humanity had touchd life of many Sons and Daighters of the area where he was labelled Man of the people, lover of people, servant of the people,a voice to the voiceless,a Man who is loved by his people and the youth front ruler of Marghi ethnic nationality.

As a Young Lion who is not afraid to face the impossible and dare the undarable, at a quite unprecedented political successes Emma as they say ”the Voice of Men are the voice of God” hearkened to the voices of his people,in high spirit his political good will in 1999 contested under the banner of People Democracy Party (PDP) to represent the people of Madagali constituency in the Adamawa House of Assembly (ADHA) where he got the victory with a landslide votes. It’s then his political star began to radiate to it’s full glory, on resumption the House unanimously endorsed him to be the Majority Leader.

The dynamism of politics in the ADHA Emma through God’s divine guidance he became the Deputy speaker of the House between 2001 and 2004,chairing so many committees and belonging to many committees as a member. He became one of the strongest voice and piled up bills which today are good laws charting paths of administration for the executive in the State. At the elapsed of 2003 tenure of his term as a lawmaker, the people of Madagali wanted his sacrificial leadership closer to his people at the grassroot, in 2004-2006 they called him back to contest the chairmanship position of the LGA, it was at this time the Madagali LGA witnessed massive development in terms of revenue and employment generation, infrastructural development and revamping the agricultural nature of the area for socio economy growth.

The then Government of Murtala Nyako at finishing of his tenure as a LGA chairman drawn him closer to contribute to the development of the State with his wealth of experience,were he was appointed Senior special Assistant on Art and Culture and Special adviser on inter party affairs respectively to the Governor, from 2007-2013. His political wings took him as a member committee of Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation fund raising in Kaduna where he positively contributed to the success of the occasion.

Tsamdu in 2012 was the PDP secretary caretaker committee and 2014 he went national conference of the party as a Member,later he became the party Vice chairman from northern zone.

Emma certainly a Child of destiny, his political journey took him back to ADHA for the second time in 11th April 2015 under the umbrella of PDP and for two years he was the minority whip of the House.Like the Young eaglets,flying high as she grows and soaring to higher skies with vision to dare good opportunity of leading his people. His nature of becoming a leader with his good style of leadership, he decamped to All Progressives Congress (APC) and later became the Deputy Speaker of the House for the second time.

His steady grow in political activism convinced many to see his high sense of honesty, doggedness, hardworking and his good sense of political focus when he has resulted to work and support the present administration led by senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who is fast transforming the state.

Emma is generally referred to the face of downtrodden, a hope to the hopeless. This is seen at the beehives of Boko Haram insurgents attacks in 2012 affecting mostly the people of Adamawa northern senatorial zone, with Madagali at the centre stage of the attacks, since then to now he has being a succour to all,a pillar where many are leaning on for their up keep, school fees,empowerment for various businesses and even guaranteeing security to thousands of his constituents when returned to their ancestral homes.

This his standing tall qualities of good leadership and as an unassuming team player in the quest for changing Adamawa state and country in general for nation building is rating him high and to set him ready for bigger opportunity and responsibilities.

Many considered politicians as opportunity legerdemain people, full with all forms of deception and trickery,in this regard Emma stand out to be one of his kind, unique personality whose type are scarce to be seen close by. Is one of his type who hates being bad in all it’s sense. But in deed his largesse generous acts of giving certified him to be a Man with Philanthropical life style that can never be out of him.

Because of his Passion on helping people, especially those in desperate needs, Hon Tsamdu is no doubt a fulfilled Farmers, a hubby is cherishing and sustaining for the purpose of businesses and raising many to lime light. He once Said and I quote: “All I have and all I will ever have is because of people and belongs to people”. No wonder his farming produce are mainly for people in the society.

Hon Tsamdu is now a Star which Many are looking,counting and relying on him to be the number one Man to join hands with the Executive Governor of the state to safe and revive Adamawa state from total collapsing as a result of past adminstration poor style of leadership. Considering him to be a rare gem amongst the many ones however, is one man who stands conspicuously taller than many up coming politician in character, honesty, integrity and achievements.

Emmanuel Tsamdu in the world standard of measuring wealth, he has in abundance good nature, good health, amazing grace, respect, honour, competence, wisdom,peace including good friends, associates,political allies and Well wishers that would go to war with him without a request and without hesitation to help in taking the state to the promised Land.

Many in Adamawa and of Course Nigeria doff their hat to an iconic leader of all leaders, a political generalissimo and ever smiling, ever loving and ever hard working leader. Political historians would have some stories to tell in the nearest future that this experienced lawmaker has emensely contributed to the development of Adamawa state. Emman is one of the powerful carrier of the glory noticing in Adamawa state and Nigeria in extension,this is reminding our old historic legends both dead and life and in dead that its time for them to happily rest because leaders are born, Emma has emerged to remake history in Adamawa state and Nigeria.

Before you today Emma has being a spotted golden fish in the mighty ocean who is no longer in the hidding place,individuals government organizations,NGOs international organisations recognized this Man as a all round true Leader. Investitured many awards to him in recognition and appreciation of his immense contributions to nation building, astute patriotism, economy and human capital development, students and youths empowerment, national peace and international harmony, charity to the less privilege, meritorious services to God,Humanity, country and Africa.

Prominents among many of the awards are:


African Students Union Parliament (ASUP) in their Yearly Pan-African Servant Leadership Award, 18th May, 2018 in recognition of service to humanity award Hon Emmanuel Tsamdu as Africans’ icon administrative and legislative Prudence.

2. CAN Women Wing of Adamawa State Chapter gave him a Star award in 2018.

Being a devote Christian and an ardent follower of Catholic doctrines, I have no doubt in my mind that Emma is today the most happiest person, considering a great honour to be recognized by the Global Apostolic Bishops council and consider him worthy of the distinguished achievers award.

Above all is said and done, I am not trying to pain Tsamdu to be a man without any flaws. He had his own shortcomings too, but if you are looking for a person close to perfection in politics and humanity, look no further than Hon Emmanuel Tsamdu.

Thank you all for the honor.

By Tom Garba
Writes from Jimeta
Adamawa state

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