APC Convention: Groans Over Unsettled schism and the dark clouds ahead of 2019


By Haruna Yusuf

With deft political calculation and moves already underway, like the proverbial one-legged cricket setting forth before its folks, alignment of Npdp and alliances are also well afoot, with huge propensity to close in on, and threaten the ApC-led government of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

The casting concern ahead of the ApC national Convention is the power play and the fight within the seat of power, over who the chairmanship cap fits and the incapacitation of the national secretary.

Three (3) Contenders for the national chairmanship, their profiles and capability.

A former governor of old Abia state, a 66 years old ogbonnaya Onu is Currently Buhari’s science and technology minister, he hails from ebonyi state in southeast Nigeria and has been described as a loyal party man who has no airs about him

Though ApC isn’t particularly popular in the southeast, where the party is most despised.

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole the 65years old khaki loving governor of Edo state, is the book Maker’s favourite to emerge the next ApC chairman.
Oshiomhole is exactly the kind of guy you want in your corner during battles and crisis.

At the last 2015 general elections, oshiomhole was a torn in the flesh of the ApC and he’s often hands-on and doesn’t hint that he has Buhari’s and tinubu’s ears and weight. APC will be overwhelmed to have him leading the rebellions against the opposition and third force party ahead of 2019.

Ken Nnamani is also Enugu born who has contributed immensely to the steering of the ApC government.
He also has this to say: I am in the Occasion to appeal to all of Us, that to make our party great, we must work harder together.

Nnamani will be tasked with winning the ApC new fan in the southeast and south-south geopolitical zones and he’s got magnitude of political experiences and maneuvering in occasions likes this.

Contenders for the position of the national secretary, their profiles and Capability.

Maimala Buni, Hon Abdulrahaman Terab, Kashim Imam, Bulama and Yerima seek to be national secretary ApC.

Buni (Yobe) Grassroot and dogged politician Hon Terab (Borno) Cerebral politician Kashim Imam (Borno) Buhari’s ardent loyalist Waziri Bulama and Haruna Yerima.

The Casting concern is who fits the cap?
Except for the unending rivalry and crisis of confidence among some ApC elders, Buni’s profile and incapability orchestrated the ongoing crisis within the party, his woeful failures is due to his lack of exposure and educational background, his credential as an SSCE holder is the most abused and condescending factor for a national secretary of a ruling party.

His capability as an SSCE lever has allowed prejudice to affect his role as the national secretary of the ruling ApC, his measure responses to issues inrecent times has left the ApC acolytes and diehards in suspense.

The basic concern about him bother the overwhelming APC family, with his incapability the office has suffered in the last four (4) years to the detriment of other capable and more qualified contenders to step in.

Haruna Yusuf a journalist
Writes from Abuja


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