Gov. Bindow: A leader in a Journey of Stardom to 2019

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According to American popular Neuron surgeon and an author of the world best selling books :”Gifted hands,You have a brain,the Ben Carson’s story and think Big,” Dr Ben Carson asserted that good leadership is a journey to stardom. Leadership they said is about bringing the future to the presence. The ability to solve problems and the person that initiates and proffer solutions to problems is called a leader.

Adamawa was one of the state created by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) in 1992 out of the defunct Gongola state.Experienced stages of political and developmental form of administrations of both the civilian and military administrators,each had it own unique style of transforming the state in an unprecedented way.

The 2015 general elections that ushered in the Sen Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow led administration is being considered a journey of stardom to 2019,a portends of newer versions of concrete developments. Haven introduced a ladder that set in focal of people oriented policy culminating to real infrastructural growth noticing around the entire state.

Bindow a STAR of radiant glory to:

S-Start something new

T-trust in the power of God

A- Taking action to succeed and

R- Renew all giants and impartful development to all people

His performances of work in the lengths and widths of the state has given him a superficial confidence and respect. The Joy of many in the state will last if only Bindow will be staged out for a welcome back tenure in 2019,this will make his dream for a new Adamawa to be more better and realised as there seems to be a clarion call of continuity in all parts of the state.

A strong agitation to work for the benefit of all and everyone in the State, Governor Bindow began to earn his people’s confidence, earlier this year, the entire people of Furore Local Government area (LGA) under the leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC) Party in the LG,the stakeholders stormed the government House in their great numbers and vowed to support him in 2019 and beyond, this is recourse to his changing gears of abilities in bringing faster development in the State. During the meeting all the people in unison mode shouted ”Bindow for 2019 insha Allah”.

In tendons to the decision of the fufore stakeholders, an auspicious gathering of the entire Political stakeholders of Northern Adamawa Senatorial district in respective of Party,Religion and tribal affinity the people came out in their hundreds to declare their total solidarity, loyalty by saying ”thank you” to Governor Bindow who they consider a blessed and a gifted child of the zone doing ”tremendous Job that has never been done in the State.”

Their joy is connected to the Fact that Bindow is one of them, a son from the soils of Mubi Emirate and is making them proud and not ashamed to tell the whole world is a worthy son of the Land deserving a big thank you for making them proud people of the zone he happened to come from.

“For this reason our mandate votes are certainly safe guided to bring you back in 2019 to continue the work of creating a new Adamawa state as you have started.” So the affirmative statements goes during meeting.

During the meeting the APC Chairman of the Party in the State, Alhaji Ibrahim Billal who is from northern zone of the state declared a vacant seat for the governorship office of the State stating that Bindow has been endorsed for 2019 by the party and no second thoughts to it.

Governor Bindow indeed is earning a huge Trust, a relaying force of the people in the state who are giving him confidence of doing much more if he Will be given another chance in 2019 and beyond.

Rating his credibility and confidence high, the Stakeholders of Hong Local Government area came again in another ”thank you visit” to the Bindow, the Governor who they described a lover of Hong people, extremely involving the people of the area in any decisions of the government, appointed Sons and daughters of the area into key position of his government. This gestures according to them turned Bindow a ”Man with a high mark of confidence” who is a symbol of true leadership. During the meeting, Elder Hindu Hananiya who is the voice of the people recounts their blessings since the inception of Bindow’s government and vowed to support his political ambition come 2019.

Bindow was commended for what the prominent sons and daughters of Hong say are pragmatic steps toward placing the State on a higher developmental pedestal.

Gen Haldu Hananiya (rtd) who led the delegation in their thousands say they remember with trepidation the decayed infrastructure the Governor inherited when he came into office.

He however emphasised that the electorate had never regretted voting Sen Bindow, because his development strides are tangible evidence of his love for the people, predicated on visionary leadership.

Gen Hananiya and other prominent leaders who spoke were full of praises for the projects he has executed in just 24 months.

They took turns to thank the Governor for appointing Dr Louis Mandamas as the new head of Service, describing the choice as a step in the right direction.
In his response Governor Bindow says God is the ultimate giver of life and what it entails. He reiterated his unwervering commitment to remain focus on the quest to provide dividends of good governance.

A Council Chairmen supervising the affairs of Mayo Belwa and Gombi Local Government areas respectively, Alhaji Mohammed Bako and Alhaji Yahaya Hamza endorsed, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow stating that he deserves a second term return to consolidate and further widen the ongoing developmental strides to every parts of the state. They have set in motion a political machinery that will canvas support in all villages in their respective LGA. Working in synergy with the ALGON chairman, Barr Aliyu Wakili Boya to bring out a grass root base campaign engine room for the 21 LGA areas in support of the people’s Governor in 2019.

The endorsement of Bindow is now becoming the order of the day, groups associations like Adamawa progressives forum, coalitions of youths groups, UFA Boys support Bindow 2019,Restoration network for Bindow,4+4=8 Bindow support group,women associations and individuals have decided to give their support for the Man they called ”Dan Baiwa”-a genius and a monster that is set to always stage a war to anything or body working against the progress of the State.

2019 is pregnant to give birth to Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow as promising child of destiny. It’s to say that all hands must be on Deck to ensure a big welcome back for the people’s Governor.

Tom Garba

Write from Yola

Adamawa state


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