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While growing up as a young adult going to a secondary school In Kaduna, one of my science teacher once asked. “Do we know the number of colors in a “rainbow?” We all Chorus “Yes” not knowing that the intelligent Teacher was out for a practical lessons. In a very good fateful afternoon after a milder down pour of rain here comes a gigantic rainbow row down the horizons of Northern hemisphere and he quickly instructed that we should count the number of the colour sighted on the rainbow.

As naive we were none of us was able to give the accurate figure of the number, I vividly can remember I chorused “4”,while some said “6,7,4,5” so the responses goes. All in astonishment of arguing “I like this color, I like that Color, oh that one is beautiful, and that other color is mine.”

The science Teacher bit our imagination by saying the colors are “8” in numbers with a beauty that cannot be quantified as we keep guessing the sky favor a look of wonder we believe is coming from a supreme creator of the universe.

To drive my point home, a rainbow is a unique symbol of many beautiful colours and that’s exactly the presentation of the Executive Governor of Adamawa State, Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who is seen to be a rainbow personify that his appearance is only in the rainy season (Summer) to water down the earth with rain for bumper harvest. To a good farmer rainy days are far better than dry days (seasons) because rainy season beget blessings (harvest of farm products) and good weather.

Senator Bindow is now the most adorned Governor in the whole of Northern Nigeria , having 8 different color of beauty, first to Adamawa state the Land of beautiful things and extended to other states in the country. It’s so because of my recent visit to Kaduna metropolis while watching a popular TV Program “Ga Fili Ga Mai Doki” on DITV. The Critic asserted that “Surutu da Tsari na Kaduna, amma Aikin kan, sai Adamawa (Bindow)”. The commentator prayed a prayer that God to give the one and only able Governor (Bindow) more Strength, Wisdom & Patience to do much more for the people of Adamawa, asking God to give him more assignments in this country because he has proven to be the new Sardauna of our time to take strides of “dividends of democracy” to the good people of not only Adamawa State but the whole of Nigeria. ” A gaisheka Bindow sarkin aiki ” so the accolades of praises goes.

Symbolically each color is representing a trait of his good character:

1. Dan Baiwa this color trait in Bindow has uniquely unravel him to be a Man with special abilities in running affairs of the state with high sense of wisdom, the color means a man with an unassuming sense of knowledge in dissecting issues for good governance, no wonder he silence the lips of many critics who initially thoughts Adamawa state is too big for him to govern. He surprises people in a more shocking way by transforming the state thus far.

2. Sardaunan Mubi -The word “Sardaunan” is a traditional tittle to connotes love for people, making self sacrifices for the sake of the downtrodden, the Man of the people and an anchor leader Who can dares the undareble to work for his people. This color in Bindow indeed turned him to be the Man for the general masses who will always be there for them.

3. Digital Color -This is a presumed ill felt derogatory name been given to him by some of his social critics to entails something so different in the eyes of the world in many undefined way. But going by the true meaning of the word “Digital” is a special color being decorated to this gentle man of turning and returning Adamawa state in a more digital way of doing things.

The word “Digital” in concrete terms is coined in the modern technology where every other thing is simplify and accessible through the using of advanced made machines. In information technology “digital” it means “easy “,”simply” making things in more smart way than how it is been used before.

4. Dogmatic leader, Governor Bindow is believed to be having a dogmatic approach in facing the realities that be falls Adamawa state -Nothing seems to be working right, the system is in a state of comatose until he came with his dogmatic spirit of “I can do all things” no matter the odds of attacks working against me.

5. Homily and humble,this is one of the colors that distinguishes leaders to be leaders indeed, it’s when a leader is humble he can be able to listen to his followers, when a leader is humble the world will turn to look at him as a burden carrier,a problem solver and a back for his followers to right on. He possessed this trait to mark him one of the free moved Governor, who at several times do seen in a tricycle to supervise an on going projects in the state. He move freely without the escort of any security guard, visiting places to ascertain areas of needs.

6. Wisdom personify, with his wisdom Adamawa State had witnessed the visiting of the vice president in two different occasions to Commission projects done by him. Having wisdom in unifying the people not to plug into crisis of whatever sort.

7. The Courage to do the needful, his bold attitude, decisive action adamant to stick to what is good to the generality of the people in the state is one of his best color of nature

8. Above all he wears the color of peace, in him is love, gentle manners and rich in the spirit of mercy. A man that hates any form of problems.

At this point, it’s clear to say that Governor Bindow is now the most sighted Rainbow Man in the whole of Northern Nigeria with proven facts of his administration laudable projects.


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