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I can’t stop seeing this Man as a great leader of our time who always sees things beyond the reasoning level of many people in this country. This Man sees farther than ordinary eyes can see,one of the greatest Man this generation in recent times is privilege to have.

His words are wealth imbedded in the wisdom of an extra ordinary Man Nigeria can ever be proud of. He believes in turning things around for the benefit of the masses,he has shown the prudence of his stewardship since he was a career Man in the Nigeria Customs. He helped in changing the narratives of Nigerian democracy for the betterment of every citizen of the nation.

Whenever he speaks his words becomes nuggets of wisdom that can transform people and government. These were his words some times ago during an AUN 2016 commencement ceremony when he passionately talked on the Issues insurgency and a way forward. I penned:

“We can’t say there is normalcy until every Man and Woman has returned to destroyed communities.

“We can’t say there is normalcy until every destroyed home is rebuilt

“There can’t be normalcy when destroyed Churches and Mosques were not rebuilt.

“We can’t say there is normalcy until every child roaming the streets of Nigerian are enrolled back to school.

“When there are pockets of attacks when boost of normalcy.”

The leader that is concern about the worries of Many Nigerians, who sees human beings are better than the richest of the world, the Man who regard and value people as the best assets every country can ever have. To him build rising and building humanity is best form of national building that will faster up economy growth is a great measure.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Wazarin Adamawa and the Sardaunan Ganye is one Man with million definition of his kind. His picture in the hearts of so many people are best in perception of who he touched but his personality is far beyond the feelings of those God allowed their paths to crossed.

I once heard him and I quote :

“I always tell my children that they should never regard and be proud of my achievements because all that I have and I will always have belong to people.”

The Shetiman Borno is a living legend that exactly knows the problem of Nigeria.

My worries to God this year is to turn Atiku Abubakar a Man after his own heart. I have one prayer point now to my creator, that the Wazirin Adamawa to be a major decision maker in this country and other nations of the earth.

God sends us good leaders, leaders who are selfless and void from all sorts of religion bigotry but lovers of humanity irrespective of which religion you profess.

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