Better now than never, Dr Belel holding the key for Northern Senatorial District of Adamawa

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By Adamu Dodo

“House to house” or “neighbour to neighbour” campaign isn’t convincing enough the selling of an elected who didn’t do well to warrant a second chance. The chance, being the last, would be disastrous a scene when the electorates would be reduced to slaves. Some of the elected have started printing notebooks, sharing one item or another, to whom they thought would be gullible electorates; an old man simply asked, why now and not since?
Some of the elected, those whom we’ll soon start encouraging the campaign for the need to have them reelected and the new comers who won the Periscope merit award have broven worthy of there mandates away deciet as much as those new to come by means of substitution by elimination were giving the electorates the confidence that they would not be a disappointment in fixing things. Jump that.

I’ve been documenting facts and figures, from mystery to history for my story on the Monarchy in Maiha. The more I go digging, the deeper it is dug to let certain and/or some politician(s) lay in politics-not-in-peace out of miscalculation; When in democracy, the elected offends the electorates who are in the majority, in favour of those who never voted and would never, by any hypocritical chance, ever surrender their mandates, then one gets to where he never would ever wish to. This is not my articulation, just go through the “Use and Dump,” a story that was never written about that which has never happened by the author that has not existed.

However, the court case relating to legitimcy of a monarch in Maiha; between governor’s appointed and the selected by the standard of monarchy as heir to the throne, would begin to be heard on 22nd this January in a court in Yola. As part of its investigative reports, The Periscope will follow the story to the court. Jumped that.

There’s cry against abduction for ransom around Mubi and Maiha. The bomb blasts and other crimes committed by terrorists in Michika and Madagali called for great concern in the northern senatorial zone of Adamawa State.

The electorates are lamenting against hunger and misrepresentation.
“The time to get it right, cannot be any better than now. We need a senator with human heart, intelligent and full of experience. That’s why we, as a youth group, are calling on Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel to surrender his public service carrier for ‘senatorship’. We’ve been making contacts, we’ve got the blessings of elders, we’ll soon get to the man of wisdom to respond to the tears wept and get the northern zone out of the silent maze”, A youth in Mubi would say.

I’ve heard from the of of the northern zone, I’ll soon reveal to you the side of Dr. Belel, when he’ll be challenged for a response. Don’t ask me How.

There’s an interview granted to one representing health workers’s union of Adamawa state. His response suggested an impression that Dr. Belel the chairman Adamawa state Primary Healthcare Development Agency has diverted 2 months salaries meant for the primary health workers with the state. I was waiting to see and hear how investigative the reporter would, in balancing his story by getting to have Dr. Belel respond to the allegation. However, there’s summarily, no attempt to that effect.

Adamawa state governor said that he’s paid the entire salaries as outstanding of the primary health workers. However, from the press conference, held by the chief of staff, it could be argued that the leadership of the health workers, was either misinformed or out of campaign of calumny intended to dent the image of one who’s believed by many to be a worthy ambassador. This takes another story, jump that.

The Fulani herdsmen who are also farmers, are being given bad name by some tribesmen who committed violence against the former and would want to eat their cake and have it. The Fulani herdsmen who are also farmers, are never known to be grazing using gun like AK 47. Section of the media against ethics out of ethnicity and other sentiments, have taking tsteriotyping  Fulani as a new theology to evangelise. The other section of the media needs as a necessity, to put the record straight. The Periscope must go investigative in tune with the ethics against ethnicity. The casualty out of violence must be put to a halt for mutual coexistence to gain ground. The need for political will on the side of government and the need to have sound education to be able to appreciate the need for closed-grazing by the herdsmen called for reflection. Jump that.

Two years after, there’s yet another inferno at the Yola ancient market. However, the loses for the 2018 were not as much as that of the 2016.
The chairman Gamzaki Traders Association, Yola South, lamented the neglect with dismay. He cried against politicisation of the inferno and how nothing was done to come to the aids of the traders two years after. would there have been a record of yet another inferno?

It was only the grinding machines section of the market that went into flames, However, the visit to the market today, exposed the filthy situation; Some of the machines affected were partially being fixed and were put to use in a place that required clearing, talking about cleanliness and the grinding machines ought to have been replaced with new ones to avoid any danger associated with food poisoning.

Happy weekend. Peace!

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