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By Tom Garba

It gladdens my mind on  recent times whenever i flips into the pages of most national dailies, listening to both local and international Radio stations. I had my  heart glows up in Joy whenever I’m reading the opinions, suggestions and contributions of many wonderful Nigerians either on the social media where they keep agreeing with the super original opinion of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar on the “Restructuring” the system way of administration in Nigeria as a country.

You would recall that Atiku Abubakar on recent times reminded Nigerians and indeed the present administration led by Muhammad Buhari on the need to considering a new formula of ruling the nation, suggesting that restructuring can be the only possible answer to leadership tussle and power sharing at the center and all tiers of government.

The Wazirin Adamawa (Atiku) is probably one Nigerian Man who believe in the one Nigeria unity principle of leadership involving every part of the country to be having a reckoning voice at the affairs of the nation. Believing that it is  Only when Nigeria is  being restructured that the hate speech of  marginalization, sidelining,diversion or majority are having their way to power at the detriments of few Nigerian minority.

What Atiku foresaw is to discourage agitation groups like the independent of the people of Biafra (IPOB),MASSOB,Arewa Consultative forum,Oduduwa people congress and so many others from being plundering the nation into civil war that is not yet bargain for. Knowingfully well that the idea of restructuring will even reduce the menace of insecurity and wade off extremism and religion bigotry like Boko  Haram that has being a serious threads to nation building,peace and unity.

Because of the weaknesses  of the Nigerian past administrations,groups canvassing and campaigning unholy agenda they were allowed to rise up their ugly heads against the unity of the nation without been properly been addressed and today their actions seems to divide us than the anthem unity we always sing to be. The whole mistake is leading us to a point where Biafrans Igbos  are  wanting a detach from the mother Nigeria into a country of their own know as “Biafra.” Oduduwa people,Middle belt forums,some part in the North East prefer to cede to Cameron peninsula where the originally belong and known, the core Arewas have also delved into the yearnings of divided Nigeria as the best way of solving the country’s myriads problems.

Their struggles has caused unwarranted responses by some group like the Area Citizen of Change under the leadership of Alhaji Nashiru Bashiru Shareef who addressed the Media in Kaduna by given a three months leave (ultimatum) notice to all the Igbos (Ohanaze Ndigbo) living within the nineteen (19) Northern States.

The Igbos decades of agitations for a seizure to belong to the mother country Nigeria,to some is rather an unfortunate thing haven known that the regions have vowed to stay as one for the past fifty years, within the span of this time, they had too much of interwoven activities, they had too much of interdependent life style, they allowed their paths to crisscross for many years even before the white men colonise or amalgamate the two separate entities.

The hope of letting the Igbos go is never a possible divorce as even the problem of splitting Nigeria will not end in only detaching the south eastern Nigeria but will cause a serious call from all ethnics group of people representing the six geopolitical zones in the country to agitate for the same mission.

I really see a struggling demand in futility, organized efforts were made in  1967-1970 by Chief Emeka Udemegwu Ujukwu,the Father of Biafrans warrior (Warlord) and Nigeria came out  more united as agreed to the fact that the nation can never be broken. According to him that he proudly led the first struggle for Igbo to own a country of their own and he don’t think the the second struggle is really necessary.

For a country like Nigeria to be divided into pieces it is as good as asking a Camel to go through the eye of a niddle for the  mere fact that Nigeria is housing over 300 hundreds ethnic nationalities,each group is interdependent of one,yes a country with myriads diversity of custom, religion,tribes but yet too united under a shielded country known as a Nigeria of our father’s land, making a whole packed state with unique diverse norms and traditions. A country with all this divine combination is certainly been predestined by God not to be tossed easily by the hands of disgruntled Nigerians. So no body can dare a breakaway of this too connected Nation because is being guided by a supernatural hands.

A legendary writer of our time,Mr Habu Dawaki who penned that the war drums are beating, groups are making genuine or fake declarations to heat up the polity. The poor and the vulnerable will be the first victims. The vultures are hovering hoping to profit from the carnage. Everyone will lose. A little common sense on all sides will bring peace, but common sense is commonly scarce.

It’s as simply to say the Nnamdi Kanu is a hovering vulture,trying to heat up the polity for his political benefits along the regional politics of sentiments deceiving many Nigerians and many Igbos who their eyes are still close thinking is near possible for a Biafran state.

Mr Frank Eze asserted to the criminal tendency of Kanu in his dubious plans to rube the entire Igbos people with his Biafran fake agitation and said:

“My dear brothers and sisters, the agitations for Biafra is a hoax. Nnamdi Kenny Okwu Kanu is another Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Ateke Tom, Abubakar Shekau, Ganiyu Adams, Femi Fani Kayode and many other political merchants and “smart” Nigerians who have mastered the art of holding government by the jugular.
We hail them as heroes, we see them as liberators. But today they are all billionaires as they fizzle out of the scene to enjoy their wealth or get elected into political positions or secure political appointments. They suddenly become part of the establishment, while the causes they claimed to be fighting inherently remain with us.”

One of the most travel, sociably tribes in this country are the Ndigbos,having chains of business conglomerates in the width and breadth of the country, even married from the lands they are living and raising up generations of theirs. In some Parts of the north were turbaned with traditional titles by owners of the lands in which they are dwelling, some were given political appointments while some were even elected into political offices in  so many States. This can be one of the possible reason the breaking of the country is far beyond the thinking of others that Nigeria is at the Verge of breaking up.

At this time that the unity of Nigeria is in a serious threats,attacking the country’s peace and unity with hate utterances of wanting the country to be  divided,demanding for a permanent divorce of the Union (Amalgamation) of 1914 that brought together the southern and northern hemisphere by Lord Lugard into a country today known as Nigeria. It’s critical at this moment to think within and outside the box of appraising our fore fathers, our leaders that die in search of united, peaceful and a grounded indivisible, enviable Nation in the eyes of the world.

Now we are in need of people with the Nigerian mentality,people with Nigerian blood in them, passionate Nigerians who will rescue us from this carnage of destruction, People who love and will die for the people of Nigeria, Nigerians who can bleeds out their hearts for the sake of Nigeria unity (togetherness),people that will always wade off this uncalled desire of enemies of Nigeria’s unity that are fighting just because of their useless sentiments.

What Nigeria needs is a fortifying and everlasting unity,revamp and reboost economy,lasting and enduring Peace,not a Call for a separation, not to be hearing not to be hearing a profane propaganda of noise making of people like Kanu who enjoys a privilege coverage by the Nigerian media.

This country needs people like the former Vice President of the Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Wazirin Adamawa, Shetiman Biu,Sardaunan Ganye,Zegemule u Tiv of Tivland,the Zanna Zantalma of Borno, Zege Mule U Tiv,Enyioha Ndiigbo of Enugu, the Aaare of Ife,Mayedoro of Lagos and the Sardaunan Arewa.

The person in Atiku believes in  the unity and sees greatness in the diversity of our customs and traditions, as the major strength of Nigeria. He knows exactly the worries of Nigerians, he has affinities in the North as while as the south, his political bonds transcend to East and West of the country. He remains a unifying factor who can be trusted to keep Nigeria one without a simple rattling of fake agitators, he is a leaders that knows the power and right of the people. He believes in the majority Will always have their way and the minority shall never be neglected because they are the deciding factors in any country that practice democracy as a system of government.

You can quote me wrong or right,and i stand to be corrected, Atiku is the only Nigerian Man that has his  politics agenda of building people within and outside the shores of this country for the purpose of a sustaining a lasting democracy not only in Nigeria but in the whole of Africa. The sense in Atiku is the sense of united Nigeria that’s too strong to be broken, having great wisdom in high lifting Nigeria to grow above the aprons of backwardness and underdevelopment. Yes the Man Atiku is a blooded Nigeria with the Nigerian roots of history, he bears Nigerian and he answer Nigeria, in him is Nigeria and his  heart pant for the general development of the country. A detribalized Nigeria, free from all forms of religion bigotry and respecting the tenets of democracy

In Atiku,I still see a hopeful and a prosperous Nigeria, more united than ever,peacefully glows in glory and with a steady grow of growth domestic products (GDP) in no distance time.

Tom Garba
A Journalist wrote this from Yola,
Adamawa state.

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