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I’m standing on my own opinion,on it I discovered that there are great Nigerian technocrats,individuals who are also known to be notable politicians controlling people through their families ties or dynasty,to some is a legacy that it can’t be abetted or a family jinx of leadership that cannot be broken.

I remember the family of a renown Nigerian from Ilorin  Kwara State in mid Western part of the country, Abubakar Olusola Saraki who since in the 50s to his dead he has been a notable politician in the country and dictating the political issues of Kwara state. Olusola before his dead was a Senator in the first republic, his total freedom of allowing his Sons and daughters to actively participate and run the political affairs of Kwara is more revealing to understand that Saraki and his Family are having a political dynasty to the people of Kwara. Even while he was still alive he engineered his first Son,Bokola Saraki to be the Governor of the state at the return of democracy in 1999. At the moment junior Saraki is the Senate President of the federal republic of Nigeria.

So also the Solomon Lar family in plateau where at a particular time Benny Lar through the help of her father enjoyed massive supports of plateau people and she won the senatorial seat of plateau central.

The list is endless of many Nigerian Men and Women who will want to maintain a family lineage of Leadership without wanting to support any person from a less privilege background.

Now there is just one Man from Jada,Adamawa state in the North Eastern Part of the country, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Wazirin Adamawa, the Sardaunan Ganye and the former Vice President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007 without any trace of his children having much participation into Nigerian politics.

In his unique background of humble beginning made him to believe that in Nigeria the Son of a nobody can be anything with God approval without necessarily having what others call ”God fatherism”. This can be seen immediately after Nyako was impeached and  there was a need to fill the vacant office of the governor at the aspirations of ninety days as provided by the Nigerian constitution,he was neck bend to sponsor Ibrahim Mijinyawa Yayaji who he barely knows and nor has biological connection With him. Atiku stood his ground on Yayaji’s candidacy up to 2015 general elections where he sponsored his primary election against the present governor of the state.

These are my reasons to rate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar an the detribalised Nigerian with a passion to serve Nigerians in a unique way.

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