Bindow’s aide rehabilitates a neglected collapsed bridge in Michika

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Present state of the bridge now

The bridge before

A collapsed bridge that is linking many communities and 90% of farmers are using it to access their farms in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State has been rehabilitated by Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow’s aide.

Hon. Bitrus Jabu Sohe serving Commissioner 4 in the Local Government Service Commission and staunchest supporters of the Governor says the rehabilitation of the dilapidated kwalyia bridge became necessary considering its economy importance of the entire people of Michika.

According to him the bridge is networking Many communities, connecting thousands of farmers of the area and was neglected for many years hence the need to repair it in order to help the farmers access their farms easily.

“The gesture is gotten from the passion of my Boss, the Executive Governor of our dear State who I have been with since the days while he was a senator his aim has been always to be the true servant leader in wiping the tears of people.

“I can tell you Bindow is a people oriented Governor, his policies are geared towards capital and developmental projects and we have to do same and follow suit in doing what is known for in the country.

” I want to assure you this bridge will revive the socio economy activities of our people and they will remain eternally grateful to our working governor. ” Jebu said

One of the Local Farmers and a settler in Kwalyia, Tumba Kwada who was seen in tears of joy said one of their major problem has been taken away, lamenting that before now they have been looking for assistance from others political office holders both at the Federal, State and local government levels to help them in repairing the road failed.

Kwada thank Governor Bindow for the recent appointment of Bitrus as they are now beginning to feel the impacts of his Government through his efforts in making sure that the bridge is reconstructed.

Jebu further call on the people to give maximum support to the present administration led by Bindow as he is certainly going to change the story of Michika LGA in a sooner possible time.

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