2018:Govt will give attention to all delipidated schools For renovation in Ad -Edu.Comm

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Following the declaration of State of emergency on education in 2017,the Adamawa State Commissioner of Education,Hon Julius Kadalla in an interview with our correspondent in Yola opined that almost all the delipidated schools were captured in the 2018 budget for renovation.

According to him the ministry is waiting for resources to continue the implementation of phase two state of emergency declaration on education sector by the Executive Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow.

Kadala further said that 2018 is hopeful to see that the remaining one month salaries arrears of Primary School teachers and other entitlements of all the teachers in the State are clear, assuring that there is high possibility of hiring teachers if the economy situation of the state improves.

He also stated that the 2018 budget have captured the special Education center in Jada and Mubi for rehabilitation and the Government have approved the payment of NECO and WAEC examination for the SSS three science students of Jada special Education centre.

Extolling the pragmatic administration of Governor Bindow by assessing it to be 85% pass mark and mentioned that the remaining 15% is for the human development which is going to be addressed in 2018.

While reviewing the success of the government in 2017 Julius revealed that the state of the emergency declared on the ministry is yielding much result as many schools had been renovated in the state.

“The first phase of the implementation of the state of emergency in the state have given birth to renovation of schools in northern, central and southern senatorial Districts of the state.

“Thousands of schools books, furniture and other essentials were made available to the schools. ” Julius said

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