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Michika Local Government area of Adamawa state is one of the seven local government areas that was ravaged by the  Boko Haram in 2011, a visit to some communities in the area was shown that songs of praises from the lips of both old and young,because of the state government effort in helping them live a normal life from the return of displacement by Boko Haram activities.

Watsila is One of the communities whose sons and daughters were killed,  their farmlands destroyed and catered away, schools and their houses were  burnt down including life stocks and were struggling to survive the ugly trend.

The small serene environment with a population of about 400 people and it is located  53km west of Michika town the headquarters of Michika Local Government area (LGAs).

Watsila  community people are 90% farmers, according to Mr. Isaac Tumba” we are living peaceful with one another, we go to our farms, everything is fine with us here though much need to be done to give us assurance of secured life in our communities of Boko Haram never to return to displaced us.”

” The health facilities which could hardly service our health challenges was burnt down during the  Boko Haram attack but today we now have a befitting Health Care Center”.

When our correspondent visited the Community though life seems normal but  there are still signs of burnt structures including the Watsils Health Center.

Mr. Pius Boni is the Facility manager of Watsila Community Health Care Center, according to him ” this Health facility was built for by the Adamawa  state Primary Health Care Development Agency last year, 2017, this new facility has wards for both male and female, despencery, and offices “.

” Before the Boko Haram episode the facility was nothing to write home about but today Adamawa state government through the Adamawa Primary Health Care Development Agency has given us reason to want to live in this community”.

Mrs. Kwenyen Zira, a mother of three could not hide her joy when she said her last child was burn in the hospital  according to her ” we use to go to Michika town the headquarters of Michika local government area but today we get medical attention here, we are very happy”.

Dr. Abdulilhii  Belele Executive Chairman of Adamawa state Primary Health Care Development Agency in the the leadership of the Executive Governor of the state, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow and told daily Times Newspaper that  the agency’s   re- building of the Health facility  is part its  contribution to quality health care delivery across the state in conjunction with our development partners .

Belel gives unreserves appreciation to the governor that always support him to deliver good health services to the state.

“Thanks to the working governor who support us not to provide structures alone, we also  supply medicalments and also train personal  to  handle our facilities and treat patients”

He added that ” we did not build the health facilities there because the old one was burnt down but because it was among the areas that have been penciled down in that area”

” We have also build one in Futudo Community one of the most difficulty terem  in Adamawa state, in that community there was no health  care  center there before, may be because the community is at the mountain top.,

Futudo community is one the village the Boko Haram element did not attack in Michika .

The village head of Futudo Mr  Tizeh Ayuba told our correspondent that ” most people ran to Futudo for safety  but if not this hospital now no government has remembered us” we need more development here. He added.

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