The Man Dr Umar Buba Bindir,the SSG of Adamawa State and the political wailers

.....His rising profile

SSG, Dr Umar Buba Bindir

The general opinions of many in the act of leadership or what leadership entails is that leaders are born and Many are made through the dint of hard work. This reminds me of a Man,an indigene of Yola North Adamawa State Nigeria, Dr Umar Buba Bindir, who can be said he stand to have the duo view of who a leader is.

Buba was born August 11, 1961 in Yola , the capital of Adamawa State with an erudite special ingenuity right when he was born, these exceptions made young Bindir utilized well immediately after he finished his secondary school and obtained a Bachelor of science ( degree with first class honours in Agricultural Technology from the University of Maiduguri.

His abilities in crafting and designs was a shining star to his glory and his profile continue to rise,climbing ladders of success to became the first Adamawa Man to obtained a Master of science ( degree in agricultural machinery engineering and a doctorate degree, Ph.D. in agricultural machinery design from Cranfield University.

While in diaspora the university of technology Papua New Guinea finds him a pivotal man with a magnetic brain that they want to utilise, he served the university with records of excellent academics Journals, papers and books having international standard and reputation. His research work today turning to good materials being use in some university around the world. Especially in Europe they find his work rich enough to boost the learning environment of their high institutions, most especially in Agriculture Engineering.

At New Genuine his six years (1992-1998) service to the University as head of Agricultural Engineering Department, his works are in the sands of time that Dr Bindir was good in Machines Design for enhancing Agriculture Development Engineering in the world.

He later served the government of Australia as a senior Man in Technology and Community Development
Institute in North Australia,leaving records of developmental strides in the organization.

In the earlier years of Nigeria returning to democracy, President Olusegun Obasanjo sought for him during his government on hearing of his brilliancy performances in overseas and returned home (Nigeria) as one of the directors in Family Economic Advancement Programme, (FEAP) and later moved to Federal Ministry of Sports and Social Development to be in charged of operations.

Bindir was also a Director of Monitoring and Management Information Services at the National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) The Presidency Nigeria from 2000 to 2005.

His profile continue to rise as a Director
of Sports – Federal Ministry of Sports and Youth Development.(2005-2006)

Director Technology Acquisition and
Assessment – Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Nigeria (2006 – 2009)

Director General/CEO National Office for
Technology Acquisition and Promotion
(NOTAP) Nigeria (2009-2015.

By Nigerian standard of Engineering, his a certified Engineer with certify license for over two decades with the Council for the Regulation of
Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)

By European standard of measuring engineers,he is a member chartered council of engineers, a fellow to many professional bodies, currently is a Council member of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering.

He pioneered the establishment of Nigeria’s Science and Technology Parks programme,pioneered the establishment of Africa’s Premier Science and Technology Innovation Corridor (APSTICA) in Abuja and also pioneered the Technology Story Board project (TSB) and NOTAP-Industry Technology Transfer Fellowship (NITTF) as guided capacity building strategist to evolve
highly skilled Science Technology and
Innovation (STI) manpower for Nigeria at the primary and tertiary levels.


His Mechanical Agricultural Machines Designs are the creation of a once-over
groundnut combine harvester suitable for Nigerian farmers and animal gears system for processing agricultural commodities in rural area, designed, developed and commercialized a coconut de-husking machine for small
coconut producers in Australia/Pacific and Asia, designed and developed solar water desalinating plant for rural areas of the pacific, designed and developed vegetable storage system for rural areas, designed a 16-bird slaughtering kit for small scale poultry processors.


From the onset Dr Bindir is never a hard liner politician but a technocrat whose versatility of knowledge can never be discarded by any serious government who is passionate to bring genuine revolving change to its people.

Coming on board of the Bindow’s led administration, out of a well guided counsel he hired Dr Bindir as the secretary to the state government (SSG) to help and contribute to the development of the state that is in dare need of honest and hardworking indigenes who are enthusiastic to join hands with the Governor to revive the state from economy and insurgency degrading the state to a stand still.

This is how directly and indirectly Bindir involved in the Politics of Adamawa State, being part of the government positive and cogent decisions were carried out.

Being part of the System, his contributions are helping are nurturing milk to the system, no Governor Bindow is succeeding because is having the type of Dr Bindir in his cabinet.

One good and direct positive truth about him is a hard working Man to the core, who finds work a pleasure rather than civic duty. A corrupt less Nigerian who only believes that hard work the only way to survive and the key to break through.

Sycophancy (Maula) is not in the political dictionaries of Dr Bindir, probably a reason why many consider never a politician but he owe it to creativity, Youths with passion to enrol in school at whatever level, a philanthropist with the Buba Bindir Foundation.

A very good down to earth Man who comfortable relate well with all people of all levels with an unbiased mindset.

It’s unfortunate at this juncture political wailers have not seen the good virtues of this great man because of what I call gross hatred Arch enmity against the present administration that’s working well for the sake of everyone in the state.

So wailers keep wailing, Dr Bindir is working well with Governor Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow in the agenda of Bindow for social change (BSC).

We all know this, in changing the narratives of Adamawa State wailers must attacks because they have failed to change.

In working for the overall development of Adamawa State wailers must attack, because they have failed to work.

So wailers your efforts goes to deaf ears and talking to a laying corpse because has gone far walking the work with Bindow in delivering the dividends of democracy.
My message :Hassada ga Mai rabo taki ne.

Tom Garba wrote this piece
from Yola Adamawa State

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