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By Barr Lucy

My interest was drawn into this trending story by one Mustafa Atiku Ribadu. I was in tears when I read it. I travelled from Takum with a view to strengthening my facts for further actions, more so as a politicians name was attached to it. I was imaginning a case of an arrogant rich family so irresponsible and insensitive to commit this.

I got a guide who took me to yola town (my first time here) and straight to the house of the lady Fadimatu Buba Bindir located at Njuwa road Yola town. Getting to the house i was disappointed. I expected a big house with security and so on but it was just a shanty little house typical of a very low income poor family. The whole area looks typically of high poverty. The house is on the edge of the town just like next to the bush. We got in and was welcomed without any resistance. There were many people mostly children of various ages there.Unfortunately Fadimatu was not in. There was another woman and we introduced ourselves. Luckily they know my guide. They spoke in fulani and i could understand small (though i am not a fulani).

Apparently Fadimatu is about 53 years old widower. She has about 15 children and more than 20 grand children. All those we met in the house were her children and grand children. I was very confused on how and why she could execute such horror. The woman we met told us that many people had visited them on this case. She very innocently submitted that she did not know why. We discussed at length. We got into their rooms and it is just a normal poor family. They cook outside. The buy their water. They use firewood. They also have a children islamic school with many wooden slates everywhere. On the minor Hajjati the woman said she grew here, was educated here like every other child. But she said hajjati developed stubbonness of going out and not coming back till late. She was always punished like every other child in the house. Lately she will even travel out of yola. She got missing twice and was observed to have some psychiatric problems. Fadimatu took her back to her parents but the parents brought her back and begged that she be kept in yola.

Apparently despite all these hajjati is intelligent too. This woman told us that they tried everything from guarding her, locking her up in rooms and warning her, all did not work. Even tying her only works sometime only. It was not an easy case. On the case of being the family maid, the woman just laughed and said that only boys that are not involved with house work. All girls and women including their mother are involved in maintaining the house. “We are many. Cooking, washing up, laundry are happening all the time” She said. The woman innocently concluded that may be with people coming to them on hajjati case, they will get help. Hmmm we left. We looked for hajjati but it was reported that she is with mustafa. So we started looking for mustafa in yola. We went to his popular joint where he hang out but were told that he is in hiding. I was suprised again. It turned out that he is the leader of a political group called the black cap. My guide showed me their posters in many places in yola. They oppose the current government and wants to remove it by 2019. He said that Black Cap is sponsored by Nuhu Ribadu who wants to contest in 2019. I became further confused in this case. My guide told me that there are many similar groups in support of the present Government. He showed me posters of 4+4 group led by a commisioner he said. There is also a Restoration Agenda group, also a Team Bindow group, #Consensus group, Bindir Support Group who specifically are drumming that the SSG should go for Senatorship he said. My guide said that all these groups are like gangs. That it is likely that Mustafa is in trouble with them for indirectly attacking the Government through the SSG. I then wanted to see the SSG but my guide said that he may not be around. HHe might have travelled to abuja for the break. That his family lives in abuja. But we went to his house anyway. I was again confused. The SSG lived in an undeveloped area in a small house. My guide said that the man is intelligent and lives like a socialist. He is not corrupt and works very hard. That he is not a politician, that he is one of the few highly respected officers in the government. That black cap and other opposition groups are always after his neck. We met one police man at the gate of his house. He told us that oga is not around. Hmmm all these mixed up had undermined the intention of my trip. I wished I had spoken to mustafa but the political angle of his involvement in this is sad and tasteless. We have similar youth problems in taraba. If I had not come i would not have found out all these. I was boiling when i read this and invested my money to take it to any level, but i realised that it could highly pokitical only. I had to go back but my guide told me that the case is just over bloated but he assured me that he will keep me posted. I hope the government and the security agents and other good people can all help in this case to resolve it medically and socially.

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