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By Luwa D D Michika

I am always in awe of people who devote their lives to a good cause and are brave enough to take a stance, though it may be controversial in their time, but surely their name will be written in gold print. Controversy is not always a bad thing. Even our past prophets were once caught in this web.

Though, I’m not impress with all the controversies he has either voluntarily created or found himself in. That doesn’t erase the facts of his unshaken commitment, endorsement to strict compliance of rule law, and his out-most respect to principles & tenet of democracy.

Dr Ardo is very eloquent, an awesome political strategists, a good player & planner, very intelligent, so handy and brilliant. Though, armed with all these attributes good enough to fight his own cause, and the good people of Adamawa State he so desire to govern, he has deviated to some sort of a political executioner… that is used like a loaded Ak-47 riffle in hand of his team’s rivals, doing their dirty hatchet political jobs. His greatest undoing was his unloyalty to the collective interest of his team and his unpredictability, especially when things did go his way as he programmed.

Just like in the English literature play; In the play where Macbeth is ultimately responsible for the decisions and actions that lead to his downfall. However, as opposed to this argument, I understand that Macbeth is not totally to blame because his destruction was in some ways caused by his weakness to be easily influenced by others. So also I think of Dr Umar Ardo.

His first outing in one of the hottest and most controversial PDP gubernatorial primaries in 2011 and 2012 against the incumbent Governor then, Nyako, was not only interesting, but so magnificient. Then, he has better chance, because all indices of the game and permutations work in his favor, but as expected impunity carries the day and the rest is history. Of course this political ganterism has led to many judgement that has shaped our constitutional jurisprudence, the judgement has now become reference point arguing cases in our Court. All thanks to Dr Umar Ardo who has been and is always looking up to Judiciary as the last bastion of common man.

His Jorney of fight against impunity started when he led others to challenge the selection of all local governments Chairmen and Councillors which was singlehandedly done by then Nyako in the year 2007. He challenge this brigandage to it logical conclusion, as expected, he couldn’t change the order, but was able to succeed in his Local Government Jada, where the will of the masses prevail ( all of the Governor’s Candidates were roundly defeated in the Local Government contest).

Presumably, I think this success give Ardo more moral impetus that led him try this in 2011 & 2012 PDP gubernatorial election which was hijacked by his party’s National headquarters. He led a one man squad to court up to Supreme level seeking for justice, which succour came at last, but couldn’t win when another round of primaries was conducted as ordered by the Court. He was at the forefront, fighting injustice and impunity in all circles.

One fascinating thing about Dr Umar Ardo is that he will never decamp to any other party, just because things didn’t go his own way as it is a common tradition with our politicians, he derive joy in taking his own pound of revenge by willingly deploying his political lethal arsenals to your political arch rivals to demistify you, except otherwise he didn’t want to.

Dr Ardo been the Special Assistant to the President (In the Office of Vice President), Abuja from 1999 in Research & Strategy, and is also endowed with skills in executing close strategist in political campaign and others, is no doubt the man behind the mask in Allh Atiku Abubakar’s success during his political travails in the hands of his Boss Baba Iyabo who tried by all means to impeached him.

In the year 2015, when it was clear to him that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Co, aren’t ready to tour the right path in 2015 general elections which Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was illegally foisted on them as the sole party’s gubernatorial candidate after making alot commitments and compromise. I think nemesis caught up with him, because he was underground working assidiously, doing the dirty hatchet jobs of the opposition party APC then. He was over-relying on the premise, that he will be political compensated with an appointment when the coast is cleared.

This same Dr Umar Ardo was the brain-box of renegades (Sherriff and his Co travellers) who nearly if not crumbled, the only strongest opposition party in the entire history of Nigeria. He was the architect/ the behind PDP’S inability to accessed judgement in their favor, and the man who programmer of all the political fiscut which rendered the party impotent for a long period of time. The bickering which end up at the supreme Court was single handedly programmed by Chief strategists Dr Umar Ardo. You underrate his never giving up attitude and political strategists at your own peril. You may beat him many times, but when he stings, he strikes with dangerous poison when you least expect him to. 

After all these political abracadabra, the risk, the dissapointment from Mr President and APC, he has help to give life to, which has cost him his political career. Dr Ardo is back again in another round fresh controversy. No doubt, age isn’t on his side. I felt it’s on this reason, he will want to take his last shot in his quest to govern Adamawa State. His recent bellowing against Former VP who was equally his former Boss will not help issues, instead will aggravates his political suffering and this will whittle down his chances of clinching his party’s ticket.

Though, I may agree with Dr Umar Ardo in some issues in reasonable extend, I will never endorsed instances where he thinks that all matters of political differences must be settled in a Court of Law. Ardo is now back in the Court against the major collective interest of his Party, this time with a lame case. What if the last State convention of his party had favoured him, would he have taken this matter to Court?

Please who is Ardo’s adviser?! Please advise him that he shouldn’t spend his kobo on suicide mission.

Though, I love his guts!

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