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Advanced Lerner’s Dictionary defines the word “Digital ” as a module system of receiving and sending information as a series of numbers (odds) and zeros (modern) of showing an electronic signal is there or is not there. It’s an indicator of how a message (Signal) is being transmitted. Without a digital signal in all the operatives machines in all works of life not will appear working right because digital is the real changing formula of any meaningful movement.

My little knowledge of Information and communication technology (ICT) explained the word “Digital ” to be a 21st century way of disseminating information using modern electronics gadgets. The word “Digital” is an irreplaceable word that is making the world a global village. It means without the word “Digital” we would have been living in a frustrated global village (world) where information is far from the reach of both the commons and the elites. It means development in all phases would have been a mere mirage than what it is now.  Major breakthrough in Health Technology, auto Mobile, computer sciences, Environmental sciences,Transport Technology even in government cycles would have been a struggle in futility.

The word “Digital” in concrete terms is coined in the modern technology where every other thing is simplify and accessible through the using of advanced made machines. In information technology “digital” it means “easy “,”simply” making things in more smart way than how it is been used before.

At this juncture It bit my thoughts and imaginations on recent times on how some people in Adamawa State turn the usage of the word “Digital” to be having a derogative meaning to something I consider meaningless and useless against the working Governor of Adamawa State Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow. As the users of the word are not in recour to the original meaning of the word been defined by Oxford advance learner’s dictionary. They have turned the word “Digital” to a compound word with all forms of vulgar meaning,forcing people to believe its negativity in all sense.

By my explanations, turning the real meaning of the word “digital” by Governor Bindow’s political enemies is nothing than a mere shadow and level of One’s education or reasoning which some are using to deceive so many people against the backdrop of it’s original definition.

Anywhere,anyhow and whichever way one may look at it,the word “digital” connotes developments, as it is meant to be turning the world into a global village. Without digital scientists in the world would have been probably still struggling to find out solutions to so many deadly problems in the world.

It is equally as good to say Yes Bindow is Digital, for bringing development closer to the people than it was in the past.

Yes Bindow is Digital working round the clock, using the formula of zeros and ones (0,1), the formula of simplicity, advancement, faster development and togetherness (oneness) in purpose for the people of Adamawa state.

Yes Governor Bindow is Digital by making sure there is peace in the Land.

Yes he is such digital as the roads in Adamawa State are being network.

Can I here you say “Digital?”, Yes the performing working Governor is one as is known to be electrifying towns and villages in the state.

Yes Bindow is digital as is reviving the almost comatose skills acquisition centres.

Yes Bindow is digital as Mubi burnt bricks is in the line of production, producing tones of burnt bricks for the people of not only Adamawa state but Nigeria and other countries.

His digital work has brought the Vice President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osibanjo to commissioned so many of his works in the state.

High Tech is in digitalization, Senator Bindow is a High Tech Governor, always right on time with the issues of developments,operating in the most high realm of Digitalization to turn Adamawa Adamawa state from bad to good realm of development.

I’m now asking all the accuser of Bindow who are using the word digital against him, that they should please explain the meaning of the word “Digital” by their other dictionaries.

If my perfection is right why then calling black white and white black? If I may suggest to the political gladiators of the state , may be they can suggest a different name with a more derogatory meaning not the word “Digital”. As the word means positivity of the Governor, it means a doing well Governor, a performer and a Governor with an open system policy.

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