Council Boss awarded for his open door policy of administration in Adamawa

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A grassroot Political Pressure group whose aims and objectives is to hold political office holders accountable to deliver good stewardship has given an award to the Chairman of Mubi North Local Government Area (LGA),Honourable Alhaji Musa Ahmed Bello Ajayi for his open doors policy of administration.

The group under the auspices of Political awareness and mobilization (PAMU) Union seen Ahmed as a good leader with a high principles of an open door policy of administration the LGA has ever produced.

In an occasion in Mubi to mark and to celebrate the progress recorded in his one year in office Many describes Ajayi as is well known as a Man of transparency, humility and good sense of judgment.

The leader of the group, Mallam Abubakar Ahmed marafa described Musa as an Assets to the people of Mubi and his passion to work for the area is bringing tremendous amount of positive changes.

According to him the award has been long plan to be given because of the jinx of underdevelopment he broke down within his five months in office.

“Barely five months in office he resolves pending issues of staff that spend many years working withouts been paid and make sure salaries are paid as at when due. Mubi is a deserted place before now seeing is believing that Mubi is beautiful more than the way it use to be.

“You know Mubi was captured and was turned the headquarters of insurgents, all utilities and places of worship,all places generating revenue for the LGA was smashed down by the Boko Haram insurgents, but now is a story of the past because with the help of Governor Bindow Ajayi has reawaken Mubi to economy strong zone of the state as it use to be “. Marafa said

Marafa also narrates that Ajayi’s is a down to earth Man, his humility and open door policy of administration is second to non in the entire Mubi North and give equal treatment to all people of the area.

“Let me tell you one fact,I have never seen this Man having sentiments of any sort, be it tribal or religion meet him any time he will serve you right , he does not hide, we sees him at our own time, any how any moment, this young Man does not have what they call “close doors meeting “,to him all animals are equal. Ajayi is an exceptional chairman and we are grateful we have him as one, turning our Shame to glory.

“Is our hope this award will further energize,encourage him to do more in liberating the people of not only Mubi North but the entire Adamawa state. ” He added

In his response, Honourable Musa specially thank the people and reminded mammoth crowds that gathered for the occasion that he is called to serve,serving them within the context of they are the leaders and he is the servant, not the other way round.

According to him the award is coming at the time he is not expecting it because he do not buy or sort to be given an Award, is focus is to do what posterity will judge him right but thank them for making him a Man of the moment, spotted him to be honour at the historic occasion.

He called the attention of the people to give Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow full corporation whose exemplary style of leadership is fast transforming the state into an enviable haven.

Reminding them that Bindow is a son of the soil having staunch of good leadership qualities in delivery good dividends,one of the reason why Mubi North and other places initially ravaged by Boko Haram was retaken back to our people who are the original owners of the land not miscreants (Boko Haram).

He said that is succeeding because Bindow is succeeding in doing what Adamawa people wants him to do.

“I Thank all those who initiated the program, by the Grace of God I will do more in touching more lives in so many ways,this an encouragement to me, I now have another strength to do your will not mine. ” He said

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