“No doubts that Gov. Bindow will win the 2019 guber elections”—COS Abba Jimeta


The Chief of Staff (COS) to the Government House admistration of Adamawa state, Alhaji Abdulrahaman Abba Jimeta told a cross section of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Party supporters in Yola, that there are no doubts that Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow would win the 2019 governorship elections , neatly and cleanly, going by the record of performance in the last two years.

Abba who was the Director General of the Bindow campaighn organization in 2015, has assured the supporters that the chances of Governor Umaru winning a second tenure in 2019 is a certainty.

‘’ I can assure you that there is no vacancy at Dougerie lodge in 2019, as Governor would still be there to complete his good stewardship for the people of Adamawa state’’.Abba stressed.

He stated that in the last two years, the governor has worked tirelessly to mobilize every segment of the Adamawa society in his transformation agenda, adding that for the first time in the political history of the state, no segment or section feels marginalized.

According to him inspite of the tremendous achievements of the
Governor in the infrastructural transformation of Adamawa state in
roads construction, educational and healthcare facilities , Governor
Bindow has cut across every strata of the Adamawa society, to
deliver the devidends of democracy.

He said that today, ‘’ no section of Adamawa state can fault the
Administration for not impacting positively on it, we know that in
the past , elections are fought on primordial interest lines of ,
religious and tribal , but in 2015, the Bindow campaign broke the
jinx, while were harping on such divisive issues, we campaigned on developmental issues, of improving our infrastructure, and empowering
our people.

He told the crowd that apart from being only one of Three states in the country not owning salaries arrears to its civil servants, Governor Bindow has engaged in massive reconstruction of the infrastructures in the state,despite the meager resources.

“There are no new candidates in the race, so far. I don’t want to mention names, but Those who have declared interest so far, now , like, Nuhu Ribadu, Marcus Gundiri, Abdulaziz Nyako, Ahmed Moddibbo, Gen. Buba Marwa, are all old candidates whom we have defeated in 2015, when we have no record of performance to float before our counstituencies. Now with our performances and experiences in Governance, if we put our acts together, I honestly do not see any of these candidates unseating us.” He assured

“Remember we underwent two primary elections defeating big serious interest groups in the state without compromising our intergrity. ”

Abba continue to say that In 2015 these candidates even represent negative influences in their body politics, they are always preaching religious, tribal or sectional political issues, as some of them were campaigning in churches and mosques, or emphasizing tribal affiliations.

He go on to say that they have overcome such kind of politics now and there cannot be new miracles.

“They are failed politicians, they have not been able to keep in touch with the yearnings and aspirations of the people.” He said

“Most of them are not even basing in Adamawa, they only come when it
is time of elections. They are out of touch with the people, they are Abuja lagos, Dubai based politicians, who don’t know our feelings, or our pains. They don’t attend our burials, and marriages, and yet during elections they come to seek power.” He added

Jimeta assured the crowd , the state was set to witness more infrastructural development in the last stanza of the tenure.

‘’ as I am talking to you, five construction companies are being mobilized across the state, in Ganye, Numan, fulfore, Mubi, Shelleng and Yola. In 2019 our performances would speak for us.

‘’ poliltics is like football, a good coach don’t change a winning team in the middle of the game’’. But we are going to remain focus on our goals, we would not allow anybody to distract our attention with unnecessarily issues.” He assured

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