Harvest time: NGO set to proffer solution for Herdsmen and Farmers Crisis in Nigeria


A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) under the umbrella of Fulbe Development association of Nigeria (FULDAN) organised a one day North East Zonal meeting in Yola where they brainstorms on issues that borders in the unity of Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers in Nigerian.

The meeting brought in Hundreds of Fulani from the states of Adamawa, Gombe, Taraba and Bauchi where various stakeholders within and outside the state delivered papers sensitizing the Fulde people on the need to live in peace with their host communities which will gear toward improving the economy of the country.

The State’s Chairman of the Association, Mallam Salihu Abba said the Primary aim of the meeting is to improve the well being of Fulani people in order to make them live a standard and culture.

Abba revealed that the usual herdsmen and farmers crisis experiencing in the country is as a result of lack of improving the well being of the Fulbe especial the nomads who are not well sensitized on the norms of other communities.

According to him the organization is now pose to educate the Fulbe people, were a Short time solution plan will be drawn to solve the long aged farmers and herdsmen crisis in the country.

“Crisis normally occur between the Herdsmen and farmers during harvest period, we have to bring sensitization programs for our people to avoid any form of clash.” He said

Abba reiterated that the short time solution enables farmers and herdsmen come together to settle their differences without any third party involvement while the middle and long time solution involve major stakeholders like government bring an enabling environment for both parties for a lasting peace.

Salihu inform journalist that the organization would use Ardo and Nawuro forum to bring great sensitization of Fulbe on Political issues and Government activities that gear toward helping the cattle rearers on how to live and manage their Cattle without having misunderstanding with Farmers for a lasting peace.

Also Dr Abdulrahaman Tugga assistant Director of departments of vetenary services ,represented the commissioner of livestock extensively talked on how Fulani people should find a place of permanent resident where they can be called and recognised.

According to him if only they can be recognised of a place they can call their own that will solve the issues of crisis in the country.

“It’s when Fulani are settle in one place they can be Registered to get their voters cards , they can equally get their national identity card for nation building and the cannot be issues with their host communities because they will be having ranches where the keep their cattles”. He said

Another resource person who represented his paper during the meeting is Dr Abubakar Umar Girei,the National Secretary Tapitaal pulaku international where he chides the Fulani to avoid looking for trouble any where they are.

“we will not accept any Fulbe Man that is guilty and no any Fulbe Man should accept an offense that is committed, we are moving toward justice to all and sundry, justice to Farmers and justice to Fulbe cattle rearers.” Umar said

“We are here to bring unity among Fulbe and other ethnics nationalities, the unity of this nationalities will foster a great peace in the country.” He added

Prof Umar Mohammed Labbo from Kano, who followed the delegation of national chairman of FULDAN Call on the Fulani people to unite wherever they are and to respect and recognised the importance of leadership, the leadership of the Fulani should also love the followership for a good synergy of unity.

He Condemn how Fulbe people are being stereotype as terrorist, asserting that Fulanis are peace loving people minding their business like any other person but are being seen and labeled in some area as bad people which is never true.

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