By Baba Garba Jimeta

In contemporary politics of Adamawa State and in recent times the name Salihu Garba is not probably a big name to be reckon with,but to few individuals is a name that is ringing a loud bell both at home and at the international communities of the world. His acclaimed achievements in the world of computer has given a major breakthrough in breaking down the horns of recession that held the country’s economy into ransom, Garba is one among many Young Nigerians who are making the country a proud black nation with dominant genius in Africa.

The talent of young Salihu was earlier discovered the very day his father took
him to Jimeta Central Primary School,and Musa Attah Ismiyya school both in Yola North Local Government Area of Adamawa State, where for the first time to be in conventional academic environment he was shown himself to be an extra intelligent child by rehearsing English Alphabet from A-Z and singing the elementary arithmetic figures from 1-100. There goes the story of Salihu from glory to glory.

The Chronicle life of this young Salihu can be close to our patriarchs of faith who were used by God to safe Man kind of impending danger, or foresee a solution of an existing problem in a particular community (Country). He was spotted and penned down as a gifted child, which many believed him to be a child leading to a great destiny for the sake of humanity, Garba is no doubt a child set a side by God to solve a problem In this country.

His ingenuity later took him outside the shores of Nigeria, London to be precise where he studied in Greenwich University and obtained first class Degree in internet information systems, beating up students from other countries by receiving the most honour award of “The most brilliant student in computer science”. With credible records of excellent result he was given an offer to go for his PhD but declined to serve his father land after displacing many people and have the prestigious award as the best “programmer of the year”in internet information systems.

Salihu became one of the few black men to be a fellow member of the chartered British Computer Society (BSC),an IT body in UK that have the best computer Gurus around the world, it is the only organization in the world that has Men with the high IQ believe to be architects in piloting and reviving the economy of particular nation. He also became the first African to undertake the British Computer Society’s accredited BSC Honours Internet Information Systems,on designing a website that can checkmate the social ills of African children.

Young Salihu since 1997 belong to Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS), a body he is known to immensely contribute well in bringing the image of the body into great limelight in Nigeria.

Sooner Garba became the hunted and the sorted for by Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),he became the game planner and a high revered partner who formulate modules that can generate high sales of both crude oil and refined petroleum. His dexterity has made him to be the Chief architect of the Direct sales (of crude oil) and direct purchase (of petroleum),a contract that was rated the biggest in Africa, having annual worth net of about $7billion and expert adjudged it to worth three times the budget of Lagos state of 2017.

Like the golden fish which does not have any hiding place his adroitness turned a radiating glory to the nation a reason why President Muhammadu Buhari found him highly resourceful to be a part of 12 Men who will run the crude exchange contract aim at stabilising fuel Supply and eliminating fuel subsidy,a committee that can be considered another economy planning of the country,their brilliancy work was able to saved $500 Million in its first 8 months of operation.

His passion for the Youths and the downtrodden in the society has turned him to be a renown philanthropist worthy of note, recently he engaged Adamawa Youths in the ongoing DSDP automation projects initiated by President Muhammadu Buhari. Being an ICT expert Salihu kick started a movement that will expose Adamawa Youths to ICT market place at global scene,consciously designed to empower them to be economically independent by the use of ICT business concepts.

Knowing his humble background, he conceived an NGO with international recognition that will liberate Nigerian youths who are under the influence of drugs abuse and help them discover their talents and gifting that can benefit humanity. The NGO is to also sponsor youths with special abilities to university in Nigeria and other nations of the world. Salihu also targets women who are business oriented and do not have the starting up capital indirectly wading off beggars in the streets of Adamawa State whose attitudes defected the country’s image as a backward nation in terms of human development.

The combination of able character and good will of Salihu Garba who is Popularly known as Dan Mama, a group of Youths under the umbrella of Jimeta Youths crusaders of good governance recently held a meeting in Ribadu square soliciting the response of Alhaji SALIHU GARBA to come and rescue the Adamawa central senatorial zone by becoming the next senator of the zone which they described it is lacking good representation.

The leader of the group who is consulting people in the zone,comrade Garba Rabiu extol the qualities of Salihu as non of his second in terms of love and concern for the people In the society. According to him for a man to earn Buhari’s respect and entrusted with a big assignment in liberating our economy it shows the Man is good enough to do more than we are expecting him to do. Worst of all is a crime against our generation and posterity will judge us wicked if we the youths and any good person cannot come and induce this Man for our sake.

As a Young Lion who is not afraid to face the impossible and dare the undarable, Salihu has been a game planner of many Adamawa politicians where his brilliant advises and financial contribution were resulted to Victories a political attitude he is known for,riding  his political star from place to place radiating to it’s full glory.

Like the Young eaglets,flying high as she grows and soaring to higher skies with vision to dare good opportunity of leading his people. His nature of becoming a leader with his good style of leadership, he vowed to unleash his vision turning Adamawa state an African silicon valley in not too long a time if God allows him to stay longer on earth.

His steady grow in involving  in political activism convinced many to see his high sense of honesty, doggedness, hardworking and his good sense of political focus when he has resulted to work and support the present administration led by senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who is fast transforming the state.

His politics antecedents rooted down from his earlier political carrier as an elected delegate representing Limawa ward in 1990 during National Republic Convention (NRC) and Social Democracy Party (SDP) formed by Gen Ibrahim Babangida two party system.

Having a Father who was a grassroots politician,Malam Garba Mama Aliyu of blessed memory and the then Secretary General of Gongola/Adamawa Chambers of commerce Mines and Agriculture, later life time president of the organization. To Salihu politics is more of an inbuilt thing,wired into his entire system for life. Being supported by his father to combine Politics and school, Young Salihu was called upon by youths to be a delegate during the two party system of Babangida.

Garba is generally refer to as the face of Youths,being a young Man whose age is at the mid 40s but has vast sense of maturity in all aspects. Knowing the manifestoes of APC as the ruling party and in working closely with president Buhari whose ideology and principles he imbibe, he believe that Nigeria can only be better when honest and trusted Nigeria are having the helms of governance in their hands.

Now the political growth of this Young  Promising Nigeria, is faster than the imagination of many political onlookers, now is set to boost and turn Adamawa State to be ICT compliance with generating revenue growing in geometry succession. This is indeed standing tall qualities of a good leader,as an unassuming team player in the quest for changing Adamawa state and country in general for nation building. This quality is rating him high and setting him ready for bigger opportunity and responsibilities.

Many indigenes of the state have testified of his fast speed in his kind of politics,many have adjudged that Garba is Luxuriate taken pleasure in doing good to people no matter the pains. He will never want to be Lugubrious but wearing the happy face depicting hope and assuring people of a better tomorrow in a nearby future.

Many considered politicians as opportunity legerdemain people, full with all forms of deception and trickery,in this regard Dan Mama stand out to be one of his kind, unique personality whose type are scarce to be seen close by. Is one Man who hates being bad in all it’s sense. But in deed  his largesse  generous acts of giving certified him to be a Man with Philanthropical life style that can never be out of him.

Many are looking and counting on him to be the number one Man to join hands with the Executive Governor of the state to safe and revive Adamawa state from total collapsing as a result of past adminstration poor style of leadership. Considering him to be a rare gem amongst the many ones however, is one man who stands conspicuously taller than many Young up coming politician in character, honesty, integrity and achievements.

His meticulous growth of politics in the local and even the state level rise became noticeable ever since at a time when it was fashionable to sell integrity and honour for a paltry some of naira, this adorable man stood his ground, paid his dues in ensuring that the All Progressives Congress (APC) takes its place of pride, for the record, the
mantra ”change” didnt come to play by accident. Suffices to say ALHAJI SALIHU GARBA DAN MAMA in Adamawa standard of measuring wealth, he has in abundance good nature, good health, amazing grace, respect, honour, competence, wisdom,peace including good friends, associates,political allies and Well wishers that would go to war with him without a request and without hesitation to help in taking the state to the promised Land.

A good leader is not made overnight while charity begins at home. GARBA is a product of good marriage, family life and dependable allies. It is for these reasons and many more the space and time would not allow one to write that I doff my hat to an iconic leader of all leaders, a political generalissimo and ever smiling, ever loving and ever hard working leader. Political historians would have some stories to tell in the nearest future that this young executive has emensely contributed to the development of Adamawa state.

The green nature of Nigeria is practically in the green nature of her people, the beauty of Adamawa is personify by her beauty lying within the people of the state. GARBA as one of the carrier of the glory of the state and Nigeria in extension,this is reminding our old historic legends both dead  and life and in dead that its time for them to happily rest because leaders are born, DAN MAMA has emerged to remake history in Adamawa Central senatorial zone.

A shrewd politician who is seeing and symbolising Adamawa state as a glorious Horse whose pride,Strength and beauty will be unassuming if it is never left in the hands of selfish Nigerians.His feats certainly are strengths for bigger challenge, so far it is considerably to another leader is born to give Nigeria a good name even with responsibility bigger than his age.

Baba Garba Jimeta
Wrote this from Yola 
Contact :08172570959

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