Nigeria @ 57:Uphold the vision of unity, peace and justice-LWF President


Marking the 57th indenpence day of Nigeria today 1stOctober 2017 the Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria and President of the Lutheran World Federation Most Rev Musa Panti Filibus, PhD said Nigeria has come through several experience s that calls for celebration. He said this through a statement made available to the public today by the church communications office at the Headquarters in Numan Adamawa State.

His Grace said, “On a day like this 57 years ago on 1 October 1960, Nigeria gained independence from the British colonialists, marking a great milestone in the history of our nation. No doubt we have been through a lot during these years, but our greatest story is that by the special grace of God, we have come out stronger and firmly united.”

Most Rev Filibus said, “As a church we see these 57 years as years of great testimony that deserves our thanksgiving to God. God has favoured us as a nation and blessed us so much as a people. I congratulate every Nigerian for these years of Gods mercy, protection and blessings.”

The Christian leader extended his appeal to the people of Nigeria to seek ways to promote the vision of the founding fathers. “I want to take this opportunity to call on all Nigerians to uphold the vision of a nation where unity, peace and justice reign. These are some of the ideals for which our fore parents struggled for independence. We have no alternative but learn to live in peace with each other. This is the country God has given us and it belongs to us all. Therefore let us rise above all divisive tendencies and stand for the integrity of every Nigerian.”

He also called on the Christian community in Nigeria to remain the light of truth and work to ensure that God is glorified in the country. “I call on the Christian community in Nigeria to never relent in crying out by day and by night, to the Lord, God of our Salvation, seeking Gods face continually for our Nation. Let us never give up but pray that God grants us grace to be source of light and hope in the midst of darkness and despair, to the glory of God and progress of our nation. It is of critical importance for us to keep in mind that only Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people (proverbs 14:34).”

Most Rev Musa Panti Filibus ended his statement by calling for prayer for the President and other people in authority. “As we thrive to live in peace with one another, let us continue to pray for our President, the state governors and leaders at all levels that God may use them for the development of this country. God bless

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