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Sentiment is not a friend of progress its only temporary. There is no need to be hiding behind others opinions if you dont know, the best way is to have your own opinion with plausible analysis if you know. I do not need to convince anybody because the way we reason go a long way to analyse our lives. The reason I see patriotic Buhari as the messiah.

But let look back a little if we have forgotten. Jonathan rule for 5:years and crude sold between $80-$147 as against $50 Budget, that means we had budget surplus of between$30-$97. I wouldn’t know if you know what that can amount to in a true developing nation Nigeria was supposed to be? Jonathan met Subsidy payment of about N300B to genuine marketers for fuel and fuel was sold for N65 under Yar Adua, from no where Subsidy jump to N2.7trn and fuel went to N97. Sanusi the then central bank governor cried out and asked did Nigeria population tripled that subsidy tripled? Ribadu was asked to go investigate NNPC, he came out with a report that too much racketing went on and some people were indicted for probe, Jonathan threw that report inside dustbin .

Otedola that was indicted bribed Farouk that was so vocal and tenacious for the probe with $620k set up, farouk became the news, Otedola went to Aso Rock to dine with Jonathan, probe case abandoned. Yet Buhari is the worst. For 3 years Jonathan told us he was fighting Boko haram, he was borrowing money even though we had oil boom, but Boko haram were killing Nigerians, taking over towns and villages and many Nigerians were made to flee home to unknown destination to become IDP( internally disposed people ) they kept deceiving Nigerians with ungovernable fabrication while they share money.

Any Northern Leader that try to complain on the levity Jonathan was handing the Boko Harams situation was either threatened or intimidated, Jonathan will either warn him or have him removed. Governor Nyanko wrote to Jonathan to establish his displeasure on the way Jonathan was handling the situation and he was impeached as that state became chaotic with the state account frozen in a democratic administration.

Yet Buhari is the worst and wailers are calling him a dictator. Boko haram was bombing everywhere in the North, the military was rendered useless, while Jonathan and his cohorts share the arms money via Dasuki, but when governor Shettima of Borno complained to Jonathan how sophisticated the Boko Haram weapons were and probably superior to that of our military on live TV chat Jonathan was so miffed that he rebuked him and said, i quote, if you say our military are not doing enough, i will pull them out from you and let see if you don’t run to Abuja? That was a leader who said he was fighting Boko Haram and Buhari who cured them and make them to be running now is the worst and still not done anything? Even when two of our Southern Generals were the number one army at various times, Kenneth Minimah an Ijaw and Ihejirika Igbo son, Boko Harams still moved in convoy freely while Jonathan was busy through Reno Omokri releasing BH threat video every now and then.

Our military kept saying they had no weapon but Jonathan and his abetting teams kept blaming the military calling them liars. Even Alex Badeh the chief of defence staff town Mubi in Adamawa state was said to have been taken over by Boko Haram.

Yet your Jonathan is better than my Buhari? As Nigerians were been killed either by bombs or direct attacked school girls were been abducted or boys burnt to death sleeping in their hostel while Jonathan often take to the stage to dance and receive political decampee. Ali Modu Sheriff, Ihejirika and pastor Ayo were all named by an Australia white negotiator as Boko Haram Sponsor, these people continue to be best and close friends to Jonathan who confessed Boko haram was in his govt, that was after Patrick Azazi that earlier made same comment that PDP was behind boko haram was kille

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