Bindow: The Passionate Prayers of Adamawa state working Governor

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Adamawa state is one of the few working state in the country in terms of physical infrastructure,which by rating is no doubt one of the fast developing state,all because the state has a working Governor who wants to change the driving gears the state is known for. He reversing to get it right, to do it well and to make a state a new haven.

Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow is bend on rebranding the state in all areas and corners of development, a foot print he vowed to leave no matter the odds working against him, he resorted on many occasions told the people of their corporate support and prayers to move on.

At every given opportunity, His Excellency will inform gathered crowd that his Passion is to serve them, but many people in the state don’t understand his vision and dream.

In one of his speech quoting him addressing the people of,Bacahma kingdom,Lamido Fombina Emirate and the people of Ganye Chiefdom during a courtesy visit saying:

“I’m a Governor today because I had you people who believe in me and I don”t have the heart not to work for you”

“I want us to passionately pray together to conquer a monster of stagnation: a killer of our dear State, let’s all come together to built a state of our dream where our children children will be proud of”

The passionate working Governor believe that :No one except the entire people of the state realize and understand that saves them and them alone. No One can and no one may. Only when the unite in a passion wheel,is only then they can walk the path of greatness in which he envisioned the state to be in a nearby future.

it’s a known fact that the state would have been better and greater than it is but failure and lack of corporate unity and passion to work for the state from all and sundry have subjected the state to almost a level of Mockery. Its truth because of the calibre of people the state have in all field of endeavor,the opportunity the state is getting in every phase of administration but still without a correspondence effects of the achievement in developing the state.

The believe of Governor Bindow is that circumstances or failure,mistakes of our past heroes should not rule the state again.

With his gift of humility and simplicity he will always yearns and begs for support from his people saying that:

“If only all can support me,if only all can have a passion like my own,if only all can buy my dream,if the entire people can have my kind of passion surely we can take charge and rule our state from within and without to bring out it’s hidden beauties”

“I have a great dream for this state,let’s all come together and turn ourselves to dreamers as is the strength we can have within us to make us become great”.

” Lets have the strength,the Patience,and the passion to reach for the stars to change our world (Adamawa state)”

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