Suleiman: Dan Alkali,Dan Baiwa: The true service of Adamawa Young lawmaker

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World over a good student of school of thought believe in destiny, and there is invisible mighty hand that directs one’s destiny and fate. Every living soul have an imprint seal of what he or she God created him to be,but the actualization of the said destiny or purpose it depend on an individual whether to make faster or a bit later, it all rest in one’s decision or choice to be what God intends him or her to be.

The Adamawa born most Youngest State’s lawmaker in the whole of Nigeria (According to a research conducted by some legislative researchers of Nigeria lawmakers in 2016 February),Suleiman Umar Alkali, fast forward his destiny when he realizes that he has a purpose to live by. There is a destiny set for him to chase after, which is the sole and ultimate reason of his existence.

By a ding of hard work through business and all range of entrepreneurship destiny beckons on Alkali to start a political journey during the administration of former Governor Murtala Nyako where he served as a supervisor Councillor in Yola North Local Government where he credibly served well.

As one of the Holy Book we reference puts it this way:”Despise no the days of your little beginnings and he that is faithful on a small assignment God will promote for bigger leadership. It further state that God resist the proud and give Grace (Lifted) the humble”. The supervisory Councillorship show cases the amiable lawmaker and catapulted him to be a Personal Assistant (PA) the former chief of staff of Governor Nyako,Alh. Abdulrahman Abubakar, an avenue he used well in helping and supporting as many as he can.

In pursue of destiny,Suleiman believe his brighter destiny is tied to as many people he came across in life.” To him people are his ladders to wherever (destiny) he is going to “. He never joke with the opportunity of meeting people,he value human people and relate well with them above any other things.

He once said to me:

” Live in Peace with all men,don’t have grudges against your fellow human being for too long,it pays nothing, love everyone and always extend a hand of giving to all in need especially those you are better of than them,this is my guiding principles”

In 2015 the journey of life took him to be in Adamawa state House of Assembly, representing Yola North constituency,While in the his political wits made him to chair committee of commerce and industry, vice chairman of many committee and also a Member of many committee.

In the House Umar is being identify with his hilarious smiles no matter the hurting, where is being nickname Yaro maidariya,by connotation is a quality of good leadership always wearing a welcoming face to invite as many people he can.

At point when interviewed by a group of Journalist, Suleiman inferred that there is nothing he desire to do than to make good laws to the people of Adamawa state. Which at the moment there are all lots of bills written down that will soon be red in the House plenary. To check the excesses of the executive and work hard to support the present Government to create a new Adamawa.

They said a golden fish has no hidden place ,the largesse generous acts of giving by Umar and many concluded that it’s an in built nature has turned him to be the present day Father Christmas, where he gives and never gets bored.

Of recent and despite the economy brunch ,he distributed food items Worth millions of Naira to the less privileged in his constituency to in order to celebrate Salla festivities with.

Soon according to him he will be having a scholarship scheme where he can support talented indigene of Adamawa in all work of life to aspire great in their academics pursuits.

Young Suleiman is not the making noise type or the brag one, people announced that within one year he has constituency projects on ground more than the previous lawmakers had. He make sure every political ward he constructed one physical projects of the order

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