Baba Oga:The Step- in- Step growth of Adamawa state Politician

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The future of Nigerian is indeed pregnant with good Omen, smells of better leadership as against the backdrop of many corrupt leaders we had,subjecting the country into a stage and level of retrogressive cycle of Economy degradation.

A young and dynamic Politician has emerged in Adamawa state who is from the extraction of Mbilla in Mayo Belwa LGA of the state,whose political vibrancy and keen love of humanity had pushed him to represent his ward under zero party , record has shown that Alhaji Muhammed Zubairu who is popularly known as Baba Oga has an indelible records of great achievements in his credit, caused some tremendous changes in the entire Mayo Belwa Local Government with his people oriented bye-laws.

As days came bye Young Zabairu has fully became a symbol of Youths representative, over seeing the Youth affairs of UNDP the then Strong political Party in the country at the Local Government level.

Like the Young eaglets,flying high as she grows and soaring to higher skies with vision to dare good opportunity in order to be a leading birth, His good style of leadership catapulted him to hold the Youth secretariat office of the APP party of Adamawa State.

At the returned of Democracy in 1999 he became the most sort for Youth as the erstwhile Governor (Murtala Nyako) appointed him to be his Senior Special adviser in 2007, his prowess and being a grass root Politician at different points of the other,he became a Supervisory Councillor in Mayo-Belwa LGA Council in 2009- 2010 where he credibly perform well.

Knowing his wherewithal abilities Oga became the chief Security Adviser to the then Executive Chairman of Mayo Belwa LGA 2010-2011  and  2012- 2014 respectively with records of achievements

Oga grow to involve in political activism seeing his sense of honesty, doggedness, hardworking and his good sense of political judgments,when party is facing a lots of trial issues,his council is never undermine, with this In 2003 the party (APP) nominated him to be one among many Member to supervise State House of Assembly Primary Election in Gombe.

Zubairu generally refer to the face of Youth, with the coming of APC on board he was quickly spotted and given the post of a Youth leader that will supervise the southern Zone of APC in the state.

As destiny and fate beckons he is now the acting State Vice Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) Adamawa state southern Zone where he supported and work assydously with other party officials to organized and kick start selling of forms and conducted the most transparent party primaries accepted by many.

On a recent interviews, many have adjudged that Baba Oga is Luxuriate,taken plessure in doing good to people no matter the pains. He will never want to be Lugubrious as looking and being friendly to people is his nature.

Many considered politicians as opportunist,legerdemain people, full with all forms of deception and trickery,Baba is one of his kind who hates being bad in all it’s sense. But in deed his largesse generous acts of giving gifting certified him to be a Man with Philanthropical life style that can never be out of him.

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