SGF, misleading President Buhari given appointmentings to only his kinsmen

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By Ahmad Tijjani

If someone is going down the wrong path, he doesn’t need motivation to speed up or to stop. It is no more hidden that, Babachir David Lawan the SGF is not only being very selfish but clearly misleading the Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari whose desire is to run an all inclusive government of all those who sacrificed for the enthronement of APC Government.

The last time Adamawa State legislator Hon. Emmanuel Tsamdu and a House House of Representatives member Adamu Kamale accused Babachir of being selfish, Umaru Duhu the former North East National Vice Chairman of the APC from Adamawa State rose to not only defended the APC Government and absolved Babachir David Lawan of any wrong doing, but went ahead and called Tsamdu and Kamale all kind of names. “Life they say is do me I do you”. But Babachir Lawan still has not find Duhu as eminently qualified to merit his recommendation for appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari?

It is also evident that Babachir has not only succeeded in misleading President Buhari by recommending to him only his Kilba kinsmen from Adamawa State for appointment into his Government but also playing the script of accommodating only members of the former CPC and ACN in to the government of President Buhari. Duhu has been a die hard supporter of Buhari Movement from 2002 to date, though Having been a member of the former ANPP, Duhu must have agreed with the realities that, the table is being turned against him and many of his colleagues? With all the defense Duhu has put for Babachir, it is sad to mention here that Duhu has not yet been recommend for any appointment by President Buhari even hoist Duhu was the first National Vice Chairman North East of the APC who was responsible for putting in place all the present APC structure in the entire North East. With all his qualifications and many other sacrifices he made to the APC, still it suggest he does not qualified for any appointment better than those appointed so far?

The rumor still making the rounds is that, Hajiya Fatima Ballah is next on the line for appointment into President Buhari’s Government. This means that, only Kilba tribe from Hong Local Government Area in Adamawa State, the local government President Buhari has never won throughout his contests from 2003 to 2011. Today, they are the only people qualified for  appointment into President Buhari’s government?

President Buhari needs to know at this juncture that, all those he has appointed from Adamawa State so far, are from the Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone? Hong and Gombi Local Government Areas tops the list, while Yola South and Jada Local Government Areas follows closely in the numbers he has appointed so far?

The SGF Babachir David Lawan is Kilba by tribe from Hong LGA. The Chairman of NDLEA Col. Abdullah Rtd. is Kilba by tribe from Hong LGA. The DG Inland Water Ways Barr. Boss Mustapha is Kilba by tribe from Hong LGA. The next person said to be on the line for appointment is Hajiya Fatima Ballah is Kilba by tribe from Hong LGA. The SSA Domestic and Social Events to Mr. President Alhaji Mohammed Sarki Abba is from Gombi Local Government Area. The Minister of FCT Mohammed Adamu Bello is from Yola South Local Government Area. All these appointees are from Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone, except the only appointment for the head of National Identity Card Management Commission that is from Adamawa South Senatorial Zone. 

If I may ask, what is the offense of the people of Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone that President Buhari could not appoint even one person from the Senatorial Zone? President Buhari should not be deceived into forgetting that his strongest political support base in Adamawa State is Mubi Senatorial Zone.

President Buhari should also be a father to all. He should lead with fairness and justice by carrying all his children along, and never to segregate across any other consid

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