An ABU student was lynched for buying indomie in Zaria during fasting

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Few days after an attack on a carpenter, Emmanuel
Francis in Kakuri, Kaduna for eating during fasting
hours, another ABU student in Zaria has been
attacked for buying indomie at about 10am.
Douglas Nyam, 26, was attacked by two young men at
a GRA area in PZ Zaria after he bought indomie at a
shop belonging to a Muslim man.

“It was around 10am on Thursday 9 June 2016 when
my parents went to work, I then move to a nearby
shop at the GRA area and bought indomie.”

“After I left the shop, two boys followed me. They ask
me what I was going to do with the indomie. I told
them I want to cook and eat. They now ask me why I
was not fasting. I told them that I am not a Muslim
and before I knew it, one of them slapped me and the
other guy grabbed me but i struggled and escaped. I
ran home after they have snatched the indomie I
bought. They match on the indomie,” Douglas said.
The Ahmadu Bello University Student told Elanza
News via a Telephone that he has not seen the guys
in the GRA before adding that he will recognise them
whenever he sees them.

“I will recognised them if I see them. I have not seen
any of them before at the GRA area,” he added.

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